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Labiaplasty +

For training purposes, female genital aesthetic surgery can be quite complex to work with. On the one side, due to the patient’s gynecological position, and on the other, only watching —not touching— is allowed, due to privacy issues.
With Labiaplasty +, doctors can train in different techniques, being labiaplasty and clitoroplasty the most popular ones, so they can then apply them safely and effectively on their own patients. The simulator includes different clitoris and labia minora pathologies and it is specifically designed for related procedures.

The simulator has been designed to be used multiple times when working with different techniques.

Possible practices and demonstrations to perform are:

  1. Laser vaginal rejuvenation
  2. Non-invasive radiofrequency on vulva
  3. Invasive radiofrequency on labia minora
  4. Invasive radiofrequency on labia majora
  5. Invasive radiofrequency on vulva
  6. How to apply fat tissue
  7. How to apply fat tissue adult stem cells
  8. How to apply hyaluronic acid on labia majora
  9. How to stitch up labia minora
  10. How to stitch up labia majora
  11. How to apply PRP on labia minora
  12. How to apply PRP on labia majora
  13. Much more…

The simulator takes into account every possible anatomical disorder in the clitoris or labia minora and recreates different surgical options.

Estimated delivery between 6 to 8 weeks.


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